3955 Edgebrook Pl. ​Washington Mills, NY 13413

May 12, 2018 8:00 pm

Cait Devin, 16 Year old singer songwriter.

Cait Devin is a 2018 SAMMYS People’s Choice finalist, before having a record out. She has always had a passion for music and songwriting, and is from New York. From a young age starting at 10 years old, she started performing at a wide range of talent competitions. At 14, she began learning the guitar in addition to piano, so that she could go out to open mic nights to share her craft to a wider range of musicians. Since then, she’s been asked to play her own shows and has been booking ever since. She’s also been asked to host open mics- and was the MC for the Oz Festival because of her outgoing, or as many have said, “bubbly” persona.
Cait’s very into the social media thing- She’s her own promoter. (One of her twitter followers being Harry Styles, band member of One Direction and solo artist) She has been featured on numerous radio shows, such as Soundcheck on 105.9 the Rebel, 92.7 the Drive, (a rock station) The Keeler Show, the D Podcast and KISS FM (97.9/105.5) Alongside solo performances she has opened for artists from American Idol and the Voice.

In the summer of 2016, Cait met her first band members at age 15. The group played an entire hectic summer of shows back to back. Now, Cait is a solo artist who loves to jam with just about everybody- and enjoys both electric lead guitar and acoustic. “I’m a rock chick,” says Cait. When it comes to her style in music, though she loves many genres such as blues, Avril Lavigne is a huge inspiration.
Currently, Cait is still booking and writing.

Her goal is to move down to Nashville, as it’s a huge music community. “I want to share my music and I’ve been told numerous times Nashville is the place. I want to pursue my dreams, see new places, and most importantly, support other artists while finding inspiration for my own original songs as well.”

For more info visit caitdevin.com